Since its creation this law firm has been providing extensive legal services in the areas of criminal law, common law, financial law as well as representation in both litigious and nonlitigious proceedings. During its creation it was important to create a client-friendly atmosphere, to establish and to maintain excellent relations with our partners and all our clients. Our work is defined by reliability, precision and promptitude.

Our law firm provides an all-inclusive legal representation. In light of this we are in constant contact with several financial corporations functioning in other areas in order to – in full cooperation - provide our clients and partners with a service that’s satisfying in all aspects.

Dr. Tóth Norbert Ügyvédi Iroda, 1054 Budapest, Szemere u. 19 Tel.: +36 1 798 87 94, Fax.: +36 1 798 87 94, E-mail:, Skype: drtothugyvediiroda, Dr. Tóth Norbert, ügyvéd, +36 70 501 89 84

Dr. Tóth Norbert Law Firm
1054 Budapest, Szemere u. 19

Tel.: +36 1 798 87 94
Fax.:+36 1 798 87 94
skype: Dr Tóth Norbert ügyvédi iroda

Dr. Norbert Tóth
Law Firm
+36 70 501 89 84

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