Lawyer's fee

Our firm takes a particularly great care keeping the costs calculable, making sure the client is fully aware of the cost of the service during the signing of the commission. This does not only include the preliminary information regarding the attorney’s fee, but we make an effort to project the expected costs.
Depending on our clients’ demands as well as the peculiarity of the case we provide our legal services with time keeping or for special tasks a specified fixed rate.

In the case of a large amount involved in the case a part of our attorney’s fee is established on a certain percentage within the amount in dispute. In time keeping we inform our clients about the expected timeframe necesarry to perform the task beforehand.

The fee (depending on the nature of the proceedings) does not always includes the cash expenditure of the task’s completion. The expected rate –if any – is communicated to our clients at the start of the process.
There are types of cases where due to the responsibilty the fee is not based on the working hours but on the value of the case. In these cases the fee is a determined percentage of the asset’s value.

In case of contracts the fee is usually determined by the value of the contract’s subject, of which we inform our clients during a preliminary consultation.

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