Criminal Law:

Criminal Defense

Our law firm provides the criminal defense of the accused (suspect, culprit) and the representation of the plaintiff from the investigative phase to the final sentence of the criminal court, in the cases of supplementary private prosecution, we provide the representation of the prosecution. In addition we ensure the preservation of the convict’s rights during the use of coercive measures and penal procedures.

Assignments in prosecution, infringement proceedings may be given by the client personally. In case of the client’s incapacitation (in the case of ordered coercive measures) a close relative may give the assignment to our firm.
We provide our clients with the professional criminal defense, supported by our preeminent professional experience in the areas of criminal law, criminal procedure as well as prison law, our outstanding preparedness, precision and professional calling. These are all guarentees that our clients receive the highest possible level of legal service.

Common Law:

Signing of contracts, document editing

The Law Firm drafts contracts on a regular basis – sale, mandate, enterprise, deposit, rental, lease, loan – where our main goals are the mapping of the client’s needs, followed by the use of the proper legal form and the tailoring of a unique and convenient contract collateral system.

Civil litigation

During civil litigation, we provide the full legal representation of our clients, especially in the following areas:

  • Lawsuits (real estate lawsuit, compensation lawsuits, contractual disputes)
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Lawsuits regarding Family Law

Real Estate law

The drafting and conclusion of real estate sales contracts, management of real estate registration, other types of contracts in regard of real estate and the provision on an all-inclusive legal background in their execution.

In respect of legal representation we provide our clients a standard legal representation based on a monthly commission, in order to evoke the legal effect of their choosing next to complete legal counsel and the constant coordination and supervision, properly and seamlessly.

In the cases of financial corporations we also provide an all-inclusive legal counsel where our clients have an access to our additional support and service with the necesarry coordinating tasks in regards to transactions, beyond the scope of our counsel.

Our firm provides assistance to our clients’ enforcement of claims, where in most cases the attorney’s letter of formal notice is enough to advance the contractual performance. After considerating all relevant circumstances we present the the most effective solution and in accordance with this we provide our clients the proper representation during the litigious and non-litigious proceedings for the enforcement of claims, perchance with the cooperation of a firm specialised in the enforcement of claims.

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